• Fight against Brand and Product Piracy

We fight for our clients against plagiarized, counterfeited and imitated products, works and trade marks protected by law. The right measures to be taken start with market observation and extend to border seizure of goods and the fight against product and trade mark piracy at trade fairs. In this context, we also request customs and criminal law enforcement authorities to seize goods at the border and to ensure that they are removed from booths at trade fairs as soon as possible. Once the goodwill of a company is affected by products plagiarized by third parties (e.g. because customers confuse inferior or even harmful imitations with original products) much greater efforts must be taken to restore the reputation of the original. Therefore it is indispensable to take action without delay. As another service, we provide training courses in this field, for example together with the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce in 2016.