• Litigation

We especially focus on litigation, in particular expedited proceedings and suits in intellectual property and unfair competition law matters. We have many years of experience in this area and represent our clients before German courts and before the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg. Our international network enables us to coordinate cross-border legal proceedings worldwide.


Besides a reliable assessment of the costs and benefits of taking legal measures, experience has shown that it is important, among other things, to avert any damage to the companies’ reputation and to protect confidential know-how already in the preparation of legal proceedings. Thus, before initiating and risking any legal disputes, we take alternatives to the standard measures (cease-and-desist letter, interim injunction, action on the merits) into consideration instead of just giving advice to our client on what is legally possible.


We do not believe in just simply sending out cease-and-desist letters and bringing legal actions which cost a lot of money in the end, but actually are not worthwhile for our clients. However, once we have assessed the options and strategies available in the particular case and our clients have decided to enforce their rights in court we will fight for them effectively, passionatelly and forcefully.