• Trade Mark Law

It is essential to have a tailor-made strategy in place to protect trade marks and other signs. This starts with providing advice within the scope of the brand development and extends to the strategic national and international protection of a trade mark and its watching, enforcement and exploitation.


We advise our clients in the creation of new signs, in the acquisition and sale as well as in the application for and registration of national, European and international trade marks. Our lawyers provide watching services for our clients’ signs, including not only the classical monitoring of property rights and the watching of trade mark registers but also other key protection mechanisms such as social media monitoring. The best strategy to protect intellectual property rights is actually of little value if their holders acquiesce to the infringements of their rights on social media or in other areas without taking action.


We represent our clients before authorities and courts in trade mark proceedings at German and European level. Our international network allows us to offer legal advice on trade mark law and its enforcement and coordinate it worldwide.


Last but not least we advise our clients on how to exploit their trade mark rights efficiently.  Experience has shown that some holders of intellectual property rights do not exploit their rights to the optimum extent. For instance, if trade mark owners do not use their trade marks for a long time instead of licensing or selling them as assets in due time.