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Article of Dr. Sascha Abrar

Article of Dr. Sascha Abrar about “Dealing with counterfeits at trade fairs” in World Trademark Review, December 2015/January 2016, p. 66

Sascha Abrar points out that swift preparation and action is necessary to tackle counterfeit products. The rights owner may choose between extra-judicial protection (e. g. out-of-court solutions offered by trade fairs), judicial protection (such as interim injunction proceedings), customs control and protection under criminal law. In preparation of a possible attack against counterfeiters, of particular importance are statements as to the type of trade fair presentation – for instance, whether advertising materials are distributed or products are offered for sale by the infringer, whether it is a merchandiser’s fair (including sale to the public) or a mere exhibition show (without sales), whether the fair addresses only experts or also consumers and whether it is geared towards companies that sell products in Germany.

Our Trade Fair Anti-Counterfeiting Services are available in relation to every trade fair in Germany.